Vision & Approach.

The Vision for Chapel Ridge is made of five important parts:

Mission, Purpose, Focus, Philosophy, and The Goal

1. We have a Mission.

Chapel Ridge is a ministry of New Chapel – which is a church “on mission.” There’s a mission that Jesus sent His church (and it’s ministries) to fulfill. Chapel Ridge does not need “a mission,” rather “The Mission” needs Chapel Ridge. Chapel Ridge is all about the, “Great Commission” given by Jesus Christ.

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News…” 
Mark 16:15


2. The Mission gives us Purpose.

New Chapel has a significant way to articulate the God-given purpose for our church:

We’re for people to connect with God and to be raised to new life in Christ.

Therefore, Chapel Ridge articulates the God-given purpose for it’s ministry:

We're for kids to connect with God

and to be raised to new life in Christ.


3. The Purpose lends us Focus.

Chapel Ridge is focused on providing the best care and programming for young people in a Christ-Centered, Life-Giving environment which earns the trust of both the families we love and the children we serve.

4. The Focus is guided with Philosophy


A. We’re Christ-Centered.

Chapel Ridge is a true partnership between parents and the church - the only two institutions ordained by God to teach children. 


Learning experiences are taught from the Christian perspective that each child is a child of God and that all people are deserving of respect as being in the image of God. In accordance with this philosophy, we include prayer, worship, Bible stories, teaching, and Chapel Services coupled with service to others as part of our curriculum.

B. We develop the “Whole Child.” 
God’s plan for developing Children is shown through our “Whole Child” Philosophy in education. God is interested in development of our Spirit, Soul, and Body – The Whole Person/ Whole Child. This Philosophy is realized with our Spiritual, Intellectual/ Developmental, Physical Developmental, Social, and Purpose-Driven Goals.


C. We’re called alongside parents.  

Schools are great tools for parents to use to educate their kids – not the other way around. We collaborate between families and teachers to support the development of the child and home-school relationships.

We report comprehensive assessments to families to help equip their nurturing and care. Assessment of children should be on-going, reflective of children's experiences, and occur within the context of daily classroom activities.


D. We “learn hard” & we (purposefully) “play hard.”

Young children often learn most effectively when they have the opportunity to explore their environment and experience a variety of materials and situations while they play. Through the process of their efforts, in a safe environment, quality education is realized. 


We call this “Purposeful Play”

Children should be guided toward purposeful actives (both quiet and active) to enhance their skills in every area of development.






Rice Table

Water Table

Art Projects & Art Materials

Dramatic Play Centers


Jump Ropes

Bean Bags



Interactive Toys


E. Kids grow in steps, not in leaps.

Chapel Ridge fosters both proactive development, as well as reactive coaching. Children often develop at different rates - that progress is cultivated, measured, and reported to parents (both individually and in-kind with other children in their age range).

We also give place for the need teacher-directed and child-initiated activities





Show & Tell

Jesus Time

Art Center

Large Muscle

Arts/Crafts Projects

Snack and Meals

Dramatic Play




Rice Table

Water Table

Table Games


Art Center

Discovery Center (science)

5. The Focus is toward a Goal.
A. Spiritual Goals: 

Chapel Ridge invests in children to become spiritually alive.
     Children who Know God.
     Children who Find Freedom in God’s Ways.
     Children who are Discovering their God-Given Purpose.
     Children who prepare to, and indeed do Make a Difference.
B. Intellectual/ Developmental Goals: 

Chapel Ridge invests in children for cognitive development.
     Children who express themselves in many ways.
     Children who are independent.
     Children who have a love for reading, writing, and books.
C. Physical Developmental Goals: 

Chapel Ridge invests in children to be healthy and growing as God designed them.
     Children who are healthy and physically coordinated.
     Children who are curious and who want to learn.
D. Social Goals: 

Chapel Ridge invests in children to be socially adept.  
     Children will begin to identify their own emotions.
     Children will gain an understanding of their community by exploring people, their work, and their services.
     Children who can use language to communicate with others.
E. Purpose-Driven Goals: 

Chapel Ridge invests in children to believe that they can make a difference in their world with the definite purpose God gave them.
     Children who have a positive self-concept.
     Children will begin to identify their giftings.