Safety & Environment

There is no more important priority for parents or for Chapel Ridge than safety. On all levels, our safe and secure environment allows your child the comfort to be himself or herself, thus nurturing their growth and development.

From the security of fingerprint and code access doors, which allow only our enrolled families access into our facilities, to our safety cameras, Chapel Ridge offers a safe and nurturing environment for all children and provide you with peace of mind.


Real Safety

  • We safeguard your child through our strict check-in and check-out procedures and by securing school doors with an electronic fingerprint or code access doors.
  • Visitor precautions: Photo ID is required from all unfamiliar visitors including non-enrolled families, vendors and anyone authorized for pickup. Teachers and staff can instantly access the names of individuals who are approved for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Electronic Daily Reports: Our currently enrolled parents have “real-time” access to reporting about their child’s day at Chapel Ridge through our online ProCare System.  Parents can easily access their children’s feedings/meals & snacks, medication distribution, rest time/nap time, and activity & interest information from their day on a computer or mobile device.
  • Emergency Drills: Chapel Ridge conducts monthly fire drills with all staff and children.  Tornado drills are also performed in May through September. Emergency drills and reviews are completed quarterly.
  • Planned Reviews: Twice a year, our administration and teachers review the Emergency Procedures Plan so that all members of our team understand their role in critical situations: fire, tornado, chemical spill, toxic gas, sewage backup, flood, power outage, blizzard, serious illness, or serious accident.


Healthy Environment

Sanitation and healthy hygiene habits are modeled and taught to our Chapel Ridge children: Hand-washing, cleanliness, healthy eating, daily exercise, and proper rest are all encouraged, modeled, and taught. We expect that children whom are ill or unable to participate in the daily activities at Chapel Ridge will be kept home until they have had ample opportunity to rest and get well.


Healthy Meals

At Chapel Ridge, we proudly serve balanced meals.  Our menu meets USDA standards and offers servings from the following five food groups each day:

Vegetable, Fruit, Grain, Protein, Dairy